SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Dozens of protesters remained inside the state Capitol Monday night after California Highway Patrol officers shut down the building and were arrested after ignoring repeated orders to leave.

The CHP said 68 people were arrested Monday evening and four earlier in the day. The protesters who were arrested for refusing to leave will be charged with trespassing, CHP Capt. Andy Manard said.

The number dwindled from about 100 after California Highway Patrol officers gave the first order to leave. They gave at least four dispersal orders after the Capitol’s 6 p.m. closing time but didn’t start making arrests until after 7:30 p.m., according to CBS13’s Derek Shore.

“We gave them about seven or eight opportunities to avoid arrest,” Manard said. “We wanted to give them every opportunity to leave. Having that many arrests puts a stress on the jails too.”

Several of the protesters went limp as officers dragged them out of the building, Shore says. Each time one of them was arrested, the rest would cheer.

The number of police soon outnumbered the protesters, who chanted “No cuts, no fees, education must be free.” They were part of a daylong protest over state budget cuts to education.

One protester left right before CHP officers started making arrests, saying he didn’t want to miss class on Tuesday. “I stayed as long as I could,” he said.

Earlier in the day, some of the thousands of students protesting at the state Capitol moved inside and were occupying the rotunda as the police presence intensified.

About 300 people were inside the rotunda before police blocked it off, some sitting on the floor. Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Senator Darrell Steinberg were among those mingling with the students inside.

“The students today are reflecting the frustrations of millions of Californians who have seen their public schools and universities eroded year after year,” Gov. Jerry Brown said in released statement. “That’s why it’s imperative that we get more tax revenue this November.”

The CHP, which is in charge of security at the Capitol, blocked any more students from entering the rotunda, saying there the area had reached capacity allowed by the fire code.

However, the Capitol stayed open and people were starting to line up in the halls.

Organizers had estimated 10,000 people would participate in the “Fund Our Future” march and rally.

“We really want to improve our lives, but unfortunately we can’t when fees keep getting raised,” said protester Sabrina Root, who attends Sierra College.

Law enforcement officers lined up en masse on streets near the Capitol, and a CHP helicopter flew overhead as protesters converged at the building.

CHP officers detained a couple of protesters for carrying signs that looked like metal shields. Ironically, the two detained students were among the 19 people pepper-sprayed on the campus of UC Davis back in November.

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The Sacramento Chapter of the Guardian Angels said its members were on hand “acting as additional eyes and ears for the police.”

The protesters want the governor and Legislature to raise taxes on the wealthy and use that money on public education.

Monday’s Capitol rally comes four days after college students held rallies, marches, walkouts and teach-ins at about 30 campuses across California.

Organizers say the demonstrations were organized to coincide with state budget negotiations.

The massive protest comes one week after two officers were hurt in a clash between members of the Occupy movement and a pro-white group at the Capitol.

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  1. linda says:

    hey kids help your country, quit whining and costing the state more money with your marchrs and protests. be America minded. get a job and help pay your way.

    1. K says:

      Pro-white? That’s a nice euphemism for “white supremacist skinheads.” If you don’t believe that’s what the South Africa Project was, check out their website.

    2. Does Not Matter says:

      First off…. There are not even enough protestors to even make a dent in public opion. You are the 1%; you freaks. LOL Second, 99% of us pay our own way and do not cry to our mommy when we need more money and are sick of your protests.. Yes it is hard, but life is hard. Third, college is not for everyone. Yes, the world needs ditch diggers too. Finally, this is a little FYI… I work for a fortune 100 Comapnay and I look at your Facebook pages and google your name and if you show up as a protestor, tree hugger or green freak your resume’ goes straight into the trash. Who is laughing now….

      1. Yes says:

        Im laughing at you “Does Not Matter”……….your such a Big Man sweetheart.

      2. Matt says:

        Rodney Dangerfield made the “ditch diggers” comment in Caddyshack…lmao.

  2. Mike says:

    I guess Linda didn’t go to college and does not know the value of a good education to society.

    1. MAC49 says:

      Well now Mike, You sound real ignorant,value of a Good education to “SOCIETY”. Yep thats sound right, protesting in a destructive manner, causeing tax payer an outrageous amount of money, to clean up their mess,and protect their rotten A$$’s, now that is being done by our great people with an education. Linda is not all correct on her comment, GET A JOB AND HELP PAY THEIR WAY? H*ll No! PAY YOUR WAY! Your so smart you don’t need help from society, Right Mike?

      1. rachel says:

        Mac49, you completely underestimate college students. The majority of students do have jobs. In fact, they have multiple jobs. The majority don’t rely on mom & dad. The majority rely on loans and not financial aid. You say get a job & pay for everything. Well you know that gets kind of hard when tuition is $7000 and the job you have only pays $200/ week = $400/month = $4800/ year. So please, save YOUR ignorant comments. You think college is some game & a bunch of parties like in the movies. Well, you’re wrong. Your comments are the most ignorant & incorrect out of all of them. You wouldn’t know what college was like until you’re enrolled in one.

      2. MAC49 says:

        Rachel Sure hope your not a college student. $200.00 a week= $800.00 a month which= $9600.00 a year. Even a elem. student could figure that one out. And your voting…….PRETTY SCAREY. That college education isn’t doing it’s job in teaching you. Now who is really the ignorant one. LMAO.

  3. eric says:

    Occupy only wants violence and anarchy

  4. charly m says:

    I say pay your own way, we Americans owe you nothing. You will get more if you’re an illegal student, so go to Mexico sneak across the border have a baby, and you will get some college money.

  5. John says:

    Why don’t they occupy their homework and take away tenure for the professor teacher unions

  6. WILL says:

    Call sacramento mayor.He will bring millions dollar from private investor for education like KINGS.

  7. CR Herta says:

    It is very sad and appalling to see young people, who should be supposedly better educated and with open minds going to ask for more money when the state is broke, and California is the worst state in the nation. Where do they want to get this money from? Why don’t they work instead of wanting more freebies? This is America, not Soviet Union! California has so many taxes that people are totally unable to carry more burden, but its leaders don’t care and want to find more and more ways to tax, tax and tax. The trouble is that anarchist and dangerous elements will infiltrate such demonstration to stir trouble, riot, loot and destroy businesses. Who will gain? Nobody! Who will loose? All of us, because destructions may be followed by other worse actions from one side to another. We are close coming into Greece footsteps, but the young generation wants more and more! Wow! Quo vadis Domine!
    God mercy on us!

  8. protestersrock says:

    Did they march from Oakland to Sacramento on the freeway, if so that should have been stopped, very dangerous for them and all motorists. The Bottom line Is the Calif. employees union is bankrupting the state period and will probably eventually cause a war right here in the USA. Thank GOD we have the right to protest, protest on protesters but STAY OFF THE FREEWAY be a good idea to have a scarf to protect your face in case you are pepper sprayed. Calif. is the best state in the nation, hallaluya for the state that helps feeds the nation. There will always be some creepy criminals who infiltrate the protests and cause trouble.

  9. Seeing this......... says:

    Just makes me vote against anything that has to do with money for education…..

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