ONTARIO, Calif. (AP) — Ontario-based R & R Imports says it is voluntarily recalling all Chef’s Pride Rewadi candy because of elevated levels of lead.

In a statement Monday, the company says a recent analysis of the candy, imported from Pakistan, contained lead levels as high as 0.12 parts per million — above the legal limit in California.

The chewy, sweet, sesame seed candy is packed in 7-ounce jars.

The company says the candy could cause health problems, particularly to infants, children and pregnant women.

R & R Imports says consumers should not eat the candy and return it to the place of purchase.


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  1. JMHO says:

    Does the FDA not regulate candy? If so, how did this product get into the country in the first place? Please, more info!

  2. nothingchanges says:

    Importing candy from the enemy……..What would you expect ?

    1. Yes says:

      So true………

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