MODESTO (CBS13) – It’s a story made for daytime TV: a 41-year old Modesto high school teacher leaves his wife and children after falling for his 18-year-old student.

And Tuesday, one of daytime TV’s hardest hitters took a shot at the couple’s claim that the relationship started after Jordan Powers’ 18th birthday.

“We actually fell in love toward the end of January,” former teacher James Hooker told Dr. Phil on his CBS show. “There was a little bit of hugging, kissing.”

“I didn’t think about him being married, being my teacher,” Powers said. “I didn’t care.”

“There were no text messages, phone calls, secret messages, going to hotels, anything of that nature?” Dr. Phil asked Hooker.

“No,” he replied.

But Dr. Phil appeared to catch Hooker in a lie, pulling up phone records that showed the two were in contact while Powers was a minor.

“But on July 21 there are five text messages between you two between 2:54 and 2:57 p.m.,” he confronted Powers. “That’s not what you just told me. You said up until her birthday no meetings, no texts, no going to hotels.”

Jordan’s mother Tammy Powers also appeared on the show.

“I trusted him with my child and that’s not ok,” she said.

Tammy confronted Hooker for the first time face to face. After hearing of her daughter’s relationship with him, she set up a Facebook page calling out the former business teacher at Enochs High School.

“I think you have no moral compass,” she told Hooker. “I think you’re arrogant, self-servings, selfish. I think you’re ruining my child.”

The frustrated mother has started a campaign to prove Hooker took advantage of her daughter.

“I’m frustrated, angry, but I’m adamant,” she said. “I’m still going to collect and find information to have James Hooker arrested.”

She says she’ll never accept the bizarre relationship despite a plea from Hooker on the show.
“Love is love,” he said. “If it’s over in six months, it’s over in six months. If it’s over in 40 years, we hope you’ll be OK with it too.”
“I’ll never be OK with it,” Tammy Powers replied, prompting an eruption of cheers from the audience.

Comments (21)
  1. knowit says:

    He is so disgusting! I love that Dr Phil busted him on phone calls and texts…was really hoping the mom would rip him a new one…his playing poor innocent me she doesn’t understand was sickening!

  2. M. says:

    Frankly…I was hoping she would reach across the stage and strangle him!! He needs to go to prison! You can tell he was a nerdy ugly guy who never got the girl in H.S. so he STOLE someone’s daughter…and because there was no man in the house (her father has passed) this creepy ugly man stalked this innocent girl, left his family, and has destroyed lives-so he can live out his unfufilled life!

    1. Lilohme says:

      Exaclty!!!! Selfish, sickening, self centered that calls himself a man. There is a place for him in the future…………and they don’t serve ice water there!!! I feel bad for this girls mom but more importantly for the the family he left behind. Guess this little girl he is with now will one day grow up and see who her daddy really is/was. Then she will be dumping him…hopefully she will be doing that soon before he ruins her life as well.

  3. FAQ says:

    I’m so glad Dr. Phil is there to further exploit this confused young lady. What type of doctor is Phil anyway?

  4. bill jassell says:

    Once 18, no matter what, in other society, this is no biggie.

    1. garbAGE says:

      In other societies marrying a seven year old girl is no biggie! Didn’t your mother ever tell you:……
      Just because another society does something doesn’t make it right~!
      Or do you jump off the proverbial bridge because they do?
      Sorry, you will have to find another argument. As it stands now, yours makes no sense what so ever.

      1. Yes says:

        In what society you can marry a 7 year old???

  5. gna says:

    Well you call it consenting adults, I call it a pervert. . .

  6. Ima says:

    Sorry ladys but this is in the nature of all men rather they admit it or not

  7. Ima says:

    Most men will say it is perverted when they know damn well they would plow that girl from here to Detroit

    1. Yes says:

      So true…………

  8. rickh says:

    Ima you are full of it. Sounds like you are just mad at men. You should take a long look in the mirror and try and figure out why you are so ready to bash us. I have seven daughters and “no” this man here wouldn’t plow any girl regardless of her age I am married. Sounds like you might need to go on Dr Phil to ease some of your anger against men. It’s terrible that there are women like you out there. You’re also probably the one who would call the cops and cry domestic violence when you were the actual culprit.

  9. Kathy says:

    So the mom can get involved wtih her child and tell her to not be with him, move out, etc. i know, she’s 18, but she’s still the MOM….

  10. Reba says:

    Hope the girl comes back on Dr Phil show after she realizes what mess she has gotten herself into…… warn other teen girls. I couldn’t believe what he said that if the relationship lasts 6 months, so be it.

  11. AW says:

    I grew up with James when he was “Jamie” and this is more than an old teacher preying on a young girl. Jamie actually was allowed to have a serious girlfriend when he was 13 and in fact he and his wife became a tight couple at about the age of 16. This was especially odd considering he was raised in a very conservative, Christian environment. I think something happened in his mind to where he is now psychologically stunted at about the age of 18. This is why he identifies with this girl. He cares nothing for her. This is his way of acting out against the very woman-dominated, emasculating environment he has been in his whole life. I am in no way condoning his behavior, he makes me sick. But it’s good to understand the origins of it.

  12. Kyle D. Smith says:

    I totally agree with the mother, Tammy. This slime bag who claims to be in love with his former student is nothing more than a lust filled pervert and I really do wish there were a way to toss his sorry ass into prison and let him rot there. You can be sure, Dr. Phil is right on when he says that this will not last for long. Personally, If I were the mother, I’d (secretly) hire a friend or whomever, to go and beat the living hell out of the guy and do everything to keep him away from this girl. Keep up the campaign, Tammy….most of America, I’m betting is behind you totally.

  13. sassafras says:

    He was seeing her before she turned 18 just waited until she was 18 until he showed her and demonstrated with her intercourse, why isn’t this perv in jail there is no reason to keep bringing this travesty up he called her his “GIRL” friend, it was disgusting, she did not have much to say but that homely jerk said plenty all of it self centered cra-. He looked so smart alecky while she looked anything BUT happy, just confused.

  14. Alice/Utah says:

    If he really loved her he would have held off on the relationship until she graduated. It wasn’t that much longer and she would get to finish school properly and walk across the stage as is a rite of passage for high schoolers entering adulthood. He was selfish and took this from her. He also should have thought of his responsibilities to his first wife and kids. They don’t deserve to be discarded by the wayside so he can start fresh and feel young again.

  15. Perry says:

    When the genders are reversed, it seems society is okay with it. Sad and sexist.

  16. momtobrainwashedson says:

    Well i am personally going throuh this riht now . With an ex friend who is 38 with children of hr own who is “in love” with my 19 year ild son . I personally think it sickening immoral.self satisfying on her part and i believe she is completly manipulating his young mind . I am throuh the roof about and cannot begin to tell you how sick and angry i am over the whole thing . I dont care if its a male or female it just is WRONG

  17. denise says:

    The girl was totally emberessed by this pervert she had her hair in her face the whole time .but. she loved all the media attention

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