LINDA (CBS13) – Thieves got away with 12 surveillance cameras from a Yuba County health clinic over the weekend, but in the process they gave investigators a look back in time.

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The hard drives associated with those cameras stored footage of the criminals in the act outside the Harmony Health Medical Clinic in Linda.

Rachel Farrell, who runs the clinic that serves a lot of uninsured or under-insured patients, says the crooks didn’t just do it once, or twice, but three times in two days.

“It’s frustrating, always frustrating when you are trying to help a community,” she said.

Thieves got away with all 12 cameras outside but what these guys somehow didn’t realize was the cameras were recording what and who was in front of them

“I don’t think it was well planned or orchestrated,” Farrell said.

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“In this case what they were stealing certainly helped us solve the crime,” Yuba County Sheriff’s Lt. Damon Gil said.

Investigators say one man seen on the video is Keith Cook. He’s already been arrested, but they need help identifying a second suspect who covers up his face in some of the footage.

The thieves didn’t take anything else, nor did they break into the business, and Farrell has a theory about why the crooks struck.

“I think people here are bored and it’s almost like ‘See what I can do’ and they sort of bet each other and it’s out of sheer boredom,” she said.

Boredom maybe, but the crime captured the mugs of two criminals caught in the act.

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This is the second time that thieves have stolen from Harmony Health in the past year. Farrell says she’s already bought new surveillance cameras and they’ll be going up in the next few days.