By Maria Medina

El Dorado Hills (CBS13) – She’s a survivor! A petite puppy named Beyonce is thriving after escaping death several times, and she could be the world’s smallest puppy.

The tiny 2-week-old pup is being cared for by the folks at The Grace Foundation in El Dorado Hills who not only saved Beyonce from sure death, but also her mother and four siblings.

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Beyonce’s mother, Casey, a small Dachshund mix, was found pregnant and wandering the streets.

She was picked up by animal control and scheduled to have her puppies aborted, according to The Grace Foundation, but her pregnancy was too far along.

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Casey was then scheduled to be euthanized at Devore Animal Control. Luckily, a group that works to save animals from being killed at Devore rescued Casey and contacted The Grace Foundation.

Five days later, Casey gave birth. The first four puppies were born without problems. However, the fifth puppy, Beyonce, was abnormally small.

At birth, Beyonce was not breathing and did not have a heartbeat. The Grace Foundation’s veterinarian, Dr. Russell, and executive director Beth DiCaprio were able to resuscitate her.

Beyonce at two weeks old is almost as big as an iPhone. (credit: The Grace Foundation/

Beyonce was small enough to fit in a spoon when she was born. After two weeks of being fed by hand, she’s almost as big as an iPhone.

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The folks at The Grace Foundation are submitting an application to the people at Guinness World Records to see if Beyonce is a record holder.