STOCKTON (CBS13) – A Stockton man who spread cheer with his cool treats is now fighting for his life.

Neighbors and family of the victim, a man described as an honest ice cream man, say they would have no clue who would want to do him harm.

“He does ice cream truck. That’s his job for two years,” said the victim’s sister, Kishwar Rafique.

And for two years, Rafique says her brother, Mohammad, has stayed safe working on the streets of Stockton as an ice cream man — that is, until today.

“Very sad; very sad; he should not deserve that,” said Rafique.

Mohammad was found inside his ice cream truck just blocks from his Stockton home suffering gunshot wounds. He was flown to UC Davis Medical Center in critical condition.

“He’s the same old nice ice cream man, and it’s a shame that that happened to him,” said Patty Pardini, a customer.

It happened right in front of Pardini’s home. She says Mohammad is often seen in the neighborhood, and often children come out for sweets.

“There’s at least five to six kids in every house, from the ages one to 10, so it is pretty lucky that no one was out here,” said Pardini.

Cops say they’re trying to figure out if what happened here was a robbery gone bad, but they’re are lacking leads.

“Right now, we have detectives on-scene trying to talk to witnesses about what happened. Right now the motive is unknown,” said Stockton Police Department Detective Joe Silva.

At this point, they say no one has come forward. And while they pray for their brother, Mohammad’s family is tonight also praying for help.

“Please, if anyone has seen him around that time, anybody that see him, they can call us or call the police and help us please,” said Rafique.

Police would not say if anything was missing from the truck or if Mohammad was able to give police any information as to what happened.

Mohammad’s family says he has two small children. He remains in critical condition.

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  1. mlkwouldbeproud says:

    illegals + Blacks = Stockton..What great people!

    1. klanwouldbeproud says:

      wanna see ur picture perfect white? heading up north and any north directions, we just arrested a white hillbilly in Newcastle in a hit-n-run. If u want more go to Butte Co., Quincy, smoking weeds, meths all kinds of stoners… there are where all of ur relatives live, we just dont have CBS13 news station there to cover any of their stories.

      1. imaroachwithnomorals says:

        It’s funny how there’s a killing every night in Stockton. And it’s funny, How it’s mostly latinos and Blacks in that chithole. imagine that.

      2. Yes says:

        “imaroachwithnomorals” you are correct, you are a roach……….

  2. Linda says:

    There is no motive, just plain evil!! Our world is a violent place. Hope the man recovers.

  3. bruce says:

    This IS plain evil no matter what race he is. He is just trying to make a honest living more than I can say about some others standing on street corners selling drugs being on welfare and not contributing to a better and safer place to live

  4. gna says:

    Absolutely, “”NO MERCY FOR THE WICKED””

  5. sweetsandi16 says:

    I suspect a lot of “Ice Cream” truck drivers are drug dealers. Why would someone be selling ice cream on a day that’s 65 and cloudy like rain. They drive some pretty weird hours too. Can’t wait till they investigate.

    1. betsy says:

      Thats simple, same reason you would be walkin on stockton blvd at some pretty weird hours on a night thats 65 and raining wearing your mini skirt with stockings and high heels

    2. Chauncy says:

      You’ve been watching too much Cheech & Chong

  6. Whitey says:

    Okay, I think this puts an end to those of you trying to say Stockton isn’t a hell pit.

  7. pamik says:

    There seems to be more hell-pits in the country than any other time. People are so lazy they think it’s best to just rob someone to get money. People are so jealous of what other’s have worked for that they think it gives them a reason to kill. Stockton isn’t the only place that’s bad. Until those thugs having zillions of babies with zillions of baby-mamas, the world isn’t going to change. Black, white, Latino, Asian…it’s all for the same reason. Makes them look like the big man when they have no other way of showing it.

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