SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A Sacramento mosque broke religious barriers today when, for the first time, it allowed a Christian congregation inside to hold Easter services.

Spiritual Life Center lost its lease one week ago, leaving its parishioners without a place to worship for Easter. That’s when Salam Community Center on College Oak Drive offered its mosque to the Christian church.

“I mean, we saw the opportunity to help them,”said mosque spokesman Adnan Syed

Traditionally, non-Muslim churches are not allowed to hold meetings inside mosques.

Spiritual Life’s reverend, Michael Moran, called it history in the making.

“My heart is filled with generosity for the Muslim community to allow us to meet here today on Easter,” said Taylor Moran, a parishioner.

“I heard people are coming from the bay area — all over the place just to witness this one-of-a-kind event. And we’re just happy to be a part of it,” said Syed.

Worshipers packed the Salam Center for both Easter services to celebrate one of the most important days of the year for Christians.

“It’s just a once in a lifetime, and I hope it spreads,” said Molly White, a parishioner.

Today marks a breaking of tradition with the hopes of creating a new one.

“We’d love to see more of this not only here, but across the nation,” said Syed.

Spiritual Life Center is still looking for a new place to worship.

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  1. fact check says:

    Outstanding, this is what this country needs. Seeing past our differences and realizing were all americans. The political leaders could learn a lot from this.

  2. Christina says:

    This is amazing!

  3. Aladin says:

    Mashallah!!! That is awesome. I go to that mosque for my daily prayers 🙂

  4. bill clinton i did inhale says:

    this is the beginning of trouble ,do you idiots really think they are doing this from kindness,its all political,there is something brewing at this mosque,watch and see,if its not the norm,be leary,,,

  5. ConcernedMuslimah says:

    I don’t see how this could possibly be halal, to allow people inside the masjid to pray to and worship Jesus a.s. Astaghferullah it makes me feel sad to be honest.

    1. Sam says:

      Please, don’t jump to conclusion …go read the seerah of the prophet first

    2. An honored and joyful Christenn says:

      as often happens the media only tells half the story…we were invited to use the education building which now stands behind their brand new Mosque so technically we were not in the Mosque proper….we were honored and thankful for a place to hold over one thousand people for two services as we wait for our new home to be ready. It was an act of sweet brotherhood given by sweet people helping out other sweet people….it was full of joy on both sides even the news cameramen were walking around saying happy day….no sadness in the equation whatsoever. it was a joyous coming together….there was no straining of different beliefs……I feel it to have been a good lesson to not trust what is said by any media account….it rarely is the whole story…so be in peace fellow human all is well in this exchange…

  6. AJ says:

    To clarify, it was not inside the main mosque, its was inside the mosque compound or community hall where the Chrstians prayed.

  7. Shaylene Haswarey says:

    What a beautiful story! It totally made my evening! I hope this story is spread throughout the world! I’m an author of a book called, “The Hijabi Club”. The purpose of my novel is for Muslims and non Muslims to come together to know one another. This would be a perfect and beautiful story for my next book, if I ever write a sequel, insha Allah.

    1. An honored and joyful Christenn says:

      I feel the same about coming together……..I shall search out you book.

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