EL DORADO (CBS13) – It’s a sound railroad enthusiasts in El Dorado County do not want to lose.

“This is such a historical line and it just seems tragic to destroy it,” said Elizabeth Janus, El Dorado Hills resident.

Excursions from Folsom to Placerville started last weekend, but the future of the line is up in the air.

“Were all trying to bring it back to the railroad, bring people out to this beautiful area, and help with the economic development,” said Philip Rose, President of Placerville Sacramento Railroad.

The hopes to keep this rail line intact and reach out to even more people are being met with opposition. Hikers and bikers that frequent this area have made it clear they want part of the line removed – for recreational use only. Referring to keeping up the aging tracks and ties they say “trains are a financial disaster.”

“I like the trails for biking and riding. We use them quite a lot, but it doesn’t have to be on the rail,” said Janus.

Train supporters argue there’s room for both,

“We have no problem with hikers, equestrians, cyclists,” said Rose.

They say the rails and the trails can run parallel and meet everyone’s needs. Although, there have been some issues involving bridges in the area, train supporters are still hoping for a favorable outcome.

For now it’s in the hands of the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors, both sides are eagerly awaiting a decision.

“There is no reason why working together we can’t find a reasonable solution that helps everybody,” said Rose.


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