By Jason Ross

Sacramento Kings Forward Jason Thompson joined the show to talk about his upcoming off-season as a free agent. First, Jason talked about the charity work that he does. He said that it is good because kids need advice, and need to be told that the sky is the limit if they put their minds to what they want to do.

Next, Jason Ross asked JT to evaluate his season. JT said that the season was difficult without a consistent lineup, and with Paul Westphal being fired toward the beginning of the season. He said that he does what he can to be consistent and do what he can every time out.

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JT also talked about being a free agent after the season. JT said that he was focused on finishing out this season first. He said that he will choose where to sign based on the stability of the situation. Some of the factors he will look at are what the coaches are doing, where the team is looking to go down the road, and where he personally would fit in best. He said money is factor in the process, but since this is his first time as a free agent, he isn’t sure how money will play into his signing. His main focus in free agency is having fun with it and finding a place where he can get to the playoffs. JT said he’s spoken with some veterans for advice on being a free agent. He said that he doesn’t want to do too much; he needs to keep his values, stay healthy, be smart and enjoy himself once he signs.

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Next, Jason and JT spoke about the Charlotte Bobcats’ struggles, the Kings next year and Demarcus Cousins’ suspension. JT said that Sacramento’s win on Sunday over Charlotte was a good one for the team. He said the Bobcats have struggled due to being a young team with some on and off the court issues. The Kings, JT said, will be better as they grow older. JT said that great teams have a consistent core of guys, which the Kings currently have. One of those core guys is Demarcus Cousins, who received his 13th technical foul of the season against the Bobcats on Sunday. This may lead to a suspension for Cousins, but JT said that the team will have to work even harder without him on the floor, and come together to try and fill the hole left by Cousins.

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Finally, Jason and JT talked about the most difficult guy to guard in the NBA, JT’s off-season plans and the Sacramento arena issue. JT said that for him the most difficult guys to guard are athletic power forwards that can play back to the basket, face up, as well as dribble and stretch the floor offensively. JT’s off-season plans are to relax while getting in shape and continuing training. He said he’s not sure how free agency will affect his off-season routine. As far as the arena issue is concerned, JT said that it is a touchy subject. Given that, he said players just control what they can on the court.