Marc Spears from Yahoo! Sports joined Jason to talk NBA as the season winds down. Marc started talking about the Bobcats, who he said struggle because they have failed to draft well. Small market teams that don’t draft well can’t attract good free agents. Since they haven’t had a lot of talent, there’s not much excitement playing for Charlotte.

Next, Marc discussed the Sacramento Kings, and why they don’t need Anthony Davis in the draft. He said that the Kings are close to being contenders without him, and there are other guys in this draft that can help. Among them are Harrison Barnes, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Perry Jones III. He said any pick in the top-10 will bring a player that will help Sacramento.

Marc also talked about the Golden State Warriors, who are also close without needing Anthony Davis. The Warriors look as though they’ll lose their first round pick to the Utah Jazz. However, Marc said that the Jazz are already very young, and may not want the Warriors early draft pick. In that case, the Jazz may push that pick back one year. Marc also talked about Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut. He said that resting them for the end of the 2011-2012 season will have them healthy for next year. Bogut will help a lot for Golden State because he is such a solid all-around player.

Finally, Marc talked about the Lakers, who have somewhat underachieved this year. That doesn’t mean those struggles will carry over into the post-season though. He said having Kobe Bryant, as well as the two 7-footers, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol. Not only does Marc think the Lakers can make a run deep into the playoffs, but he said he wouldn’t be surprised if they were met in the Finals by the Boston Celtics.