ELK GROVE (CBS13) – Dave Leatherby is in disbelief.

“We made our payroll with our 3 days sales,” said Leatherby.

What started out as training with this sign out front has turned into a sweet kind of chaos.

“I thought people would wander in. We have been slammed out the door for four days everyday,” said Leatherby.

An expansion of their business has scooped out a corner on Laguna Boulevard.

We were nervous. You never know what’s going to happen in an economy like this.

But what’s happening is that customers are thrilled. And to keep them happy there are people like Isabel.

“I’m lucky to have this job,” said Isabel.

She’s one of 130 young men and women with a new name tag.

“We had 1000 applications in two weeks, we interviewed 500,” said Leatherby.

It’s all hectic but fun at the same time. The new Elk Grove Leatherby’s is what so many teenagers have been waiting for.

“Before this job I applied at eight different places. I came in here dressed up nice for Leatherby’s. I went all out and I got the job,” said employee Adrian Higuera.

It’s a job that none of these kids are taking for granted and it’s a success the Leatherbys are pretty proud of.

“It’s awesome. I love working here, better than my other jobs. Don’t tell them,” said employee Meryll Cunanan.


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