ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Mom of two Anna Gardner has sworn off eating out.

“Going into a restaurant is horrifying,” said Gardner.

It’s because she says her children don’t sit still, or at least for longer than a few minutes.

Now for 99 cents, she can get a Ziosk at her Chevy’s table.

“It’s definitely going to help them stay put not wiggle around so much,” said Gardner.

And why is that? There are more than a dozen game apps for kids and teens.

“He’s entertained and I get to enjoy myself,” said Gardner.

You can also check out appetizers and dessert, scroll and order.

“It actually speeds up the process of the food getting to your table,” said Chevy’s Reginal Director Paul Martin.

The reason is because you’re taking a lot of the waiting out of a restaurant experience. And servers say they’ve noticed an increase in tips.

They say because when you’re done you can just swipe and pay your bill without waiting for the check.

So are customers concerned with identity theft from swiping their credit card?

Identity theft is everywhere. It’s just one of those things. It’s good with the bad, you have to keep an eye on everything,” said Gardner.

Still, the Ziosk is a huge plus for Gardener when the kids start melting down.


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