VALLEY SPRINGS (CBS13) – A mother and daughter who were in a serious accident with a drunk driver while on their way to a Taylor Swift concert, could finally make it to one of Taylor’s concerts thanks to a CHP officer and Taylor Swift herself.

On September 3, 2011, the two left their rural foothills community of Valley Springs, excited for a girls’ night out. Mom and daughter were hoping to make it to a Taylor Swift concert at Power Balance Pavilion about two hours away, but they only got halfway there.

They were hit by a drunk driver off Liberty Road. But, it was a wreck that set the stage for a sweet surprise several months later.

While Swift sang her heart out, Michelle and her 13-year-old daughter Summer were being pulled from a smashed up SUV.

“I could see him passed out at the wheel, coming closer and hitting us,” said Summer. “It was really scary.”

It was one of the worst scenes and one of Officer Mike Lowry’s most memorable because of the way Summer still smiled.

“It was like she was trying to be the strong one to not let her parents know how hurt she was,” said Lowry.

Summer was physically hurt, emotionally traumatized, and heartbroken over missing a concert she waited nine months for after her mom got tickets as a Christmas gift.

For months, Lowry was trying to contact Swift, hoping to secure a surprise for a special girl who captured his heart.

But this international, award-wining superstar is kind of hard to reach. So Lowry asked CBS13 for help.

CBS13 called KNCI. They had the “in” with Swift’s people and got a quick response.

Swift’s staff said if Swift comes to Sacramento in 2013, Summer will be going. In the meantime, they’re sending her some Swift swag.

A near-tragedy robbed Summer of her dream, but an officer’s compassion is now bringing it back.

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