CERES (CBS13) – Ceres High School is releasing few details about the alleged incident on campus that now has parents and students wanting to know more.

Monday night students were just learning about two of their fellow classmates who were arrested and accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl on campus.

“It’s kind of scary knowing that that happened,” said one student.

Police say the attack took place on campus after school May 1, and the school staff was able to hold onto the suspects until officers arrived. Both were booked into juvenile hall.

“I heard people talking about it at school but I didn’t think it was true,” said another student. “I thought it was just a rumor that people were saying.”

Most students and parents CBS13 spoke with had not heard about the crime and were concerned the school never sent out a note.

“A little shocked, I think I should have heard it from an announcement or a phone call home from the school or something,” said student Gianni Blandino.

“It probably would have been good if they would have called or sent out notices or emails,” said parent Elsie Garcia.

So why wasn’t a notice sent to parents? The school didn’t feel it was necessary.

“Our students were not in danger,” said Principal Linda Stubbs.

Stubbs says it was an isolated incident that shouldn’t cause concern.

“We have a safe campus and we believe that our students and our staff members are safe,” said Stubbs.

School district leaders say that the alleged victim is receiving counseling.


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