By Mike Dello Stritto

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – All Josh Tate wanted was some fries from a fast food restaurant. He never expected a potentially deadly confrontation.

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He’s still smiling, even with a black eye nearly swollen shut and a misshapen jaw, one day after his run-in with two guys at the Louisiana Chicken in South Sacramento.

“They wanted some change and I didn’t have any change to give them,” said Josh on Thursday night.

Then, without hesitation, they violently attacked.

“And then they just started punching,” said Josh. “I just huddled like this and blocked my face.”

Josh never stood a chance.

“They reached in my pockets, grabbed my wallet, took my bike and just took off,” said Josh.

In his wallet was just $5.

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“It’s horror,” said Josh’s father, Mike Tate.

Mike raced to the restaurant.

“He wanted to just come home and rest and I said, ‘We’ve got to go to the hospital,'” said Mike.

Police met them at the hospital and took pictures as evidence.

There may be a lead on a suspect.

“The property manager and police began to confer. They believe it’s the same guy who beat up the mentally disabled woman,” said Mike.

One of the men accused of wailing on a woman in a viral video was released from custody.

Cops aren’t officially calling him a suspect, but Josh’s dad is on a mission, working to find whoever’s responsible.

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“I’m gonna go to the end to make sure these guys are locked up,” said Mike.