By Steve Large

IONE (CBS13) – An Ione postal carrier is behind bars accused of stealing drugs mailed to veterans then selling them to people along her route.

CBS13 spoke with one man who says postal carrier Shelly Crabb, a 15-year veteran, simply asked if he wanted to buy drugs.

“She would say, ‘hey, if you need something, let me know,’” said Scott Guthrie.

Crabb allegedly turned her Ione mail route into her own personal drug ring.

“It was kind of a no-brainer; easy access to deliver the stuff and steal it,” said Guthrie.

Cops say she broke more than just the letter of the law. This one was above anything Sheriff Martin Ryan has seen in his career.

“I think it also shows what the impact of narcotics abuse does to people and puts them to that level where they think that’s okay,” said Ryan.

An old mail truck was parked in front of her home. She’s out on bail, but didn’t answer her door.

Crabb is being investigated for stealing prescription medication mailed to veterans and then selling the drugs Oxycontin and Vicodin on the streets, where she made her mail deliveries.

“She doesn’t really care for authority and she does what she wants to do,” said Guthrie.

Amador sheriff say there is a lot more investigating by the federal government after 70 pieces of allegedly stolen mail were found inside her home.

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