ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – The Roseville Fire Department pulled out all the stops Thursday trying to educate the public on what would really happen in an emergency.

The department simulated a major bus accident with 40 victims in and outside the bus needing medical attention.

Chase Avara played the part of a victim. “I’ve never witnessed anything like that,” he said. “I ride the bus every day. I’ve never seen one on its side like that before.”

Kristina Swank brought her children out to help teach them a life lesson.

“It was amazing the amount of effort that everyone has put into this,” she said. “It was actually very surprising.”

Firefighters treated the drill like an actual emergency, using the Jaws of Life and every tactic necessary to ensure the safety of the public.

“It’s good for the practice, good for the EMT, the fire department, Red Cross of course,” student Josh Smith said.

The Roseville Fire Department says that this doesn’t happen much in Placer County but Thursday’s experience was still valuable training.

In addition to the bus accident, firefighters also simulated a tanker truck carrying ammonia and a flatbed truck with 55-gallon barrels full of an unknown substance.


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