WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Manny Ramirez made his West Sacramento debut to mostly cheers and few boos.

“Manny Mania” turns out to be a hit, as in a single in his first at bat at Raley Field.

The slugger with the trademark dreads was turning heads and sparking a “playoff-like” feel on a Friday night.

For a lot of fans, this wasn’t just a game but an event. It was a chance to see a two time World Series winner and MVP.

A slugger with an impressive home run total of 555 and a career that’s still alive, despite two suspensions for using performance enhancing drugs.

However, it’s a fact not lost on some fans, but Manny Mania on Friday night was louder than the skeletons in this slugger’s closet.

As concession workers donned their dreads, they served up the dogs and it became clear that Manny was welcomed with open arms, even after hitting into a rally killing double play.

Before the game he was surrounded by cameras, but Manny did not disappoint.

Relaxed and ready to not so much answer questions but throw out a few classic Manny-isms.

“I ain’t got no worries, I just take it a day at a time and go out and enjoy myself,” said Manny.

Manny did just that in his Raley Field debut.

It’s a stop on the way back to the bigs. We give it about a “B-” but Manny hopes to soon be all A’s.


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