Don begins by welcoming Steve Bryant to the show! Steve arrived from Nashville over the weekend, and we’re all excited to have him aboard! Don explains the new seating arrangement, with Craig still in the studio, and then explains why the station went off the air right before the show started. After Steve tells us about his internship in college at a mental facility, we hear about Don’s two friends from high school who are dancers, and apparently performed at last night’s Tony Awards. We then hear about Don’s trip with Janet to San Francisco, where they stayed at the Fairmont Hotel, and Janet stole all the soap from the housekeeper’s cart. We also hear about the people in a room nearby making “noises” loud enough to be heard down the hall. When Don calls Janet to have her describe the noises, they also get into a discussion about Janet stealing the soap, and what she plans to do with it.

After hearing about the two graduation ceremonies Phantom attended for both of his boys on Friday, Don tells us why he chose Steve to replace Dave, and Steve tells us about his broadcasting past, including his time on the QVC, working with inventor Ron Popeil, WGMD in Delaware, and the other job offers he got before deciding on coming to Sacramento. Steve also tells us about his battle with throat cancer (which he won), his drive out here, his hatred for Nebraska, and the new house his wife bought out here.Steve also tells us about doing a radio show for two weeks inside a medium-security prison for a college project. After hearing this, Don decides that he wants to do a show from Folsom Prison.

We also hear a few clips, including a step-dad who beat his step-son with a belt for not catching a baseball, the deleted “Fear Factor Donkey Semen” challenge, and a video of a ridiculously hysterical woman after oral surgery. Little Joe then gives us an update on his training for the boxing match on Thursday night against Blind Neal, before we get a visit from “David Stern” to talk about the travesty that was the Manny Pacquaio fight Saturday. We also hear that Phantom is a distant relative of Rush Limbaugh, Tommy Chong has prostate cancer, and Don Rickles’ President Obama joke, which leads to Craig’s impersonation of the President, that recurs numerous times throughout the show. Steve then tells us about the celebrities he met while working on the QVC, including Regis, Pete Rose, and Daryl Strawberry. He also tells us the dumbest, meanest, and smartest people he met.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about a San Diego man suspended for playing with himself at work, an African-American man in Oakland arrested for robbing banks dressed as an elderly blind man, and the box office numbers from the past weekend. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!