By Mike Dello Stritto

MEXICO (CBS13) – The Coast Guard races out to rescue stranded boaters all over, but it’s usually not because of a giant mammal in the water. This is quite the whale of a tale.

Max Young. who is from Sacramento, has been all over the world in his 50-foot boat named Reflections.

The seasoned sailor survived pirate-riddled waters off Africa without a hitch, but not the final two days of his journey back to California.

The whale knocked out the steering and started flooding the boat.

Young’s brother was supposed to be on the final leg of a long journey.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Young’s brother. “That boat has safety equipment for all kinds of things, except a whale.”

An emergency activation beacon triggered a Coast Guard rescue.

A Sacramento-based Coast Guard crew spotted Young and his boat. They got in touch with a nearby freighter that came in for a rescue from 60 miles away.

Young was bailing out water when he was rescued.

“Knowing Max, he doesn’t panic. He figured out ‘what do I have to do next?’ and he does it,” said Young’s brother.


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