CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) – Police called off a search for two burglary suspects after combing through a Citrus Heights neighborhood for several hours Wednesday morning.

Officers from the Citrus Heights, Folsom and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department tore down fences and used K-9 officers to search the area of Mariposa Avenue near Skycrest Elementary for the suspects wanted in connection with the burglary of a nearby business and stolen vehicle.

The suspects, wearing all black, were last seen jumping over a fence into the backyard of a vacant home. Officers with guns drawn ripped down part of a fence to enter the yard, which was overgrown with weeds.

The search began when officers attempted to pull over a white pickup truck that turned out to be stolen. The suspects got out and ran away.

Police say the suspects broke into a store called Cheaper Cigarettes on Greenback Lane.

Citrus Heights police looked for the two suspects for the better part of three hours after an early morning break-in.

Police swarmed the area around Farmgate, Westgate and Skycrest Court after the short pursuit down Greenback Lane.

“You never want to see this sort of thing,” neighbor Chad Alderman said. “This is way out of the ordinary. You know, once in awhile you get cops that will drive by, maybe you’ll get noise complaints, but this way out of character for this area.”

Three hours later, cops gave up searching for the suspects and turned their focus to Skycrest Court, the spot where the stolen white truck was ditched. Unopened boxes of cigarettes and tuxedos were found inside the truck.

“I saw all this commotion and figured safe is right inside the house,” Dave Sutherland said. “I just made sure all the doors were locked and I just stayed inside, poured myself a cup of coffee.”

Citrus Heights police believe the two suspects involved in this were not armed. They had to end their pursuit because too many resources were being used as the search stretched into three hours.


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