When Elk Grove Furniture Warehouse delivered Andy Maganti’s new couch in pieces, he was surprised, he said.

He thought it would come pre-assembled — otherwise he wouldn’t have bought it, he said.

But it wasn’t until he tried assembling it that he realized the real problem, he said.

“It won’t fit,” he said of the backboard — which is supposed to attach to the couch’s seat. “I tried it three times, four times, then I realized something was wrong,”

The backboard is missing a hole — at least a functional one — preventing it from properly attaching to the couch, Maganti said.

For five months, he said he hadn’t been able to get the store’s owner, Scott Panerio, to replace the backboard.

“He says he’s gonna fix the problem, but he never resolves the problem,” Magandi said.

Maganti said he just wishes it had been delivered assembled.

The California Department of Consumer Affairs told CBS13 if a product doesn’t show up as ordered, consumers can back out and ask for a refund.

“He had the opportunity at that point to refuse delivery because it isn’t what he expected.” DCA spokesman Russ Heimerich said.

“I sent a replacement part, but it got returned,” said Panerio, asked about Maganti’s situation. He said he’d sent by FedEx, but couldn’t provide a tracking number as proof.

“If he shipped it, I would have at least a shipping notice on my door,” he said.

The day CBS13 stopped by Elk Grove Furniture Warehouse, the store agreed to load up a brand new couch, delivering it to Maganti.

“I’m really happy it got fixed after going through a lot of stress,” Maganti said.

Maganti ordered the couch over the phone and was never given a receipt.

Consumers should never make a large purchase without an itemized receipt. Often, it’s the only way you can prove you paid for a new, undamaged product.


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