DELHI (CBS13) – A pack of dogs went after a cyclist and sent him to the hospital.

Now the owners of those dogs could face criminal charges.

The dogs are now in quarantine at a animal control facility, separated in individual kennels while law enforcement decides what becomes of them next.

They’ve been caught and kenneled, tested for rabies and are now possibly facing a death sentence.

“Normally we deal with aggressive animals,” said Rick Blackwell, Merced County animal service manager.

The dogs are accused in what animal control officers describe as a brutal attack on a bicyclist in a rural road outside of Delhi.

“One dog or two dogs by themselves might not be an issue, but when you get four or five, establish a dominant leader and instinct kicks in,” said Blackwell.

The cyclist remains in the hospital.

“He had bite marks from the leg all the way to he head,” said Blackwell.

“Four dogs are mine,” said dog owner Larry burns.

Burns’ family owns four of the five dogs being quarantined.

Burns says they are guard dogs.

“Mostly they’re kept in the yard here, but someone left the gate open,” said Burns.

Burns says he was on vacation when the attack happened on the Fourth of July.

If investigators find that all the dogs took part in the attack, Burns says he’s prepared for what will come next.

“Well if they did in fact attack the gentleman, by all means, they should be euthanized,” said Burns.

Animal control says dog pack attacks are on the increase here as more pit bull mixes are on the streets.

“Since 2009 we’ve had three or four major incidences,” said Blackwell.

The cyclist was freed by the help of people nearby who heard his screams.

He is currently in stable condition.

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