Today, Don begins by giving us a recap of Janet’s surgery, and how she’s been recovering. He also tells us about the debacle he experienced at the CVS while trying to fill Janet’s prescription afterwards. The guys then discuss the punishment the NCAA handed down to Penn State, and then begin a lengthy discussion about the horrific movie theater shooting last Friday in Aurora, CO. After Little Joe tells us about bungee jumping at the State Fair over the weekend, and the drunk lady at the horse races who fell and cracked her head open, the guys hear a montage of the 911 calls from the Aurora massacre, as well as a report on the “booby trapped” apartment.

Don then reads a list on of the “Greatest Super Hero Movies ever,” and the guys weigh in with their opinions. We also hear Slow Joe’s drunken voice mails to Little Joe over the weekend, and Don tells us about getting his hair cut on Saturday. Don then calls his new favorite phone sex line, and the guys take turns recording their best impersonations. The hearing for the douche bag shooter in the Aurora tragedy is broadcast live on TV, and the guys turn up the audio to hear whats going on, and Don tells us what he would do to him if he was king.

After watching a new educational film from 1958 entitled: “The Dangerous Stranger,” it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom tells us about Joe Paterno’s statue being removed outside of Beaver Stadium, firewalkers rushed to the hospital at a Tony Robbins event, “Dark Knight Rises” makes $160 million in its first weekend, an adaptation of “Hamlet” with the music of Pearl Jam, and The Who announces a U.S. tour. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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