Don begins with his weekend trip to Pittsburgh for his nephew’s wedding. He tells us about seeing Dr. Ruth at the Phoenix airport, as well as the San Diego Surge of the Women’s Football League in Charlotte. We also hear about Janet using a wheelchair to get through the lines quicker, and the rude lady who delayed their flight home by an hour. We also hear about Janet forgetting her purse on the drive to the wedding, the bar that Don repeatedly went to, Janet’s Aunt Betty giving Don a back rub, and Janet’s mom scolding her for singing too loud. The guys also talk about the Hall Of Fame game last night, and how happy Don is that football has finally returned.

After a caller does a bong rip on the air, the guys talk about the water polo “nip slip” video Don posted on Twitter, and how Michael Phelps came back with dominating performances in his races. We also hear that Sharon Osbourne is quitting “America’s Got Talent” because NBC kicked her son Jack off “Stars Earn Stripes” after finding out about his MS. We then hear some clips, including Michael Phelps saying he’s retiring, and the grunting of women tennis players. The guys then talk about Jeffrey Ross’ performance at last night’s Roast of Roseanne, in which he dressed like Coach Paterno, and came out with two kids wearing nothing but towels and Penn St. helmets, and his Aurora shooting joke, aimed at Seth Green. We also hear a clip from NASA, of the Curiosity Land Rover landing on Mars, and Mission Control’s reaction.

We then get a visit from our good buddy, actor/comedian Frank Caliendo. Frank tells us why he won’t be back on FOX NFL this year, how his family is doing, what his next career move is, and coming out to Northern California for some shows in September. Don then calls a few Jerry Springer hotlines, regarding their solicitations for certain guests on their show. He has Steve play a guy with an infatuation for “My Little Ponies,” and even drops Julie Ryan’s name for being a pregnant stripper. After discussing why having a female referee in this Thursday’s Green Bay/San Diego game is a bad idea, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom has a few airline stories, including a security scare at Newark Airport, a guy without a boarding pass gets on a plane in San Diego, and people being charged multiple times by Southwest. We also hear about a gay couple being turned down for a wedding cake in Lakewood, Co, and the box office numbers over the weekend. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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