YOLO (CBS13) – The Yolo County Fair is in full swing, but YOLO is much more than just a county.

“YOLO” has become a popular saying thanks to a hit song currently on the radio.

What does the term YOLO mean? Is it an excuse to do something stupid, or words of wisdom?

The singer Drake’s motto has led us to a sort of YOLO-izaton of civilization.

It stands for “You Only Live Once.”

“I’m not sure I understand what it’s all about,” said one Yolo County resident.

This California county shares the same name, but this Yolo is a whole lot more country than hip hop.

“Yolo is a nice little country community,” said another resident.

So do the locals feel YOLO represents this county well?

“I would not say that,” said resident Jacob Engle.

The mayor of west Sacramento, in Yolo County, will gladly accept the now global name recognition, but don’t expect to hear it as his ringtone.

“I don’t have a ringtone because I’m in so many meetings where it would be annoying,” said Mayor Christopher Cabaldon.

Not sure how Drake feels about Yolo County, but he was at a Kings game back in March where fans may wish the team played with a bit more YOLO.

From pigs to pop culture, this agriculture community has newfound fame, all from a rap reference.

We know where drake got the word YOLO from, so where did Yolo County get it from?

According to historians, it derived from the native Patwin Indian word “yo-loy,” meaning abundant in rushes, which means a lot of grassland.

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