SHINGLE SPRINGS (CBS13) – A Rancho Cordova ammunition supply store’s advertisement on a high school football field’s scoreboard was recently ordered to be removed by the school district.

(credit: Ammo Depot)

Ammo Depot says its sign at Ponderosa High School was approved by the booster club and paid for, but that the El Dorado School District is “breaching the contract currently in place with Ammo Depot based upon the personal views and opinions of a few of the school administrators.”

The school district says the advertisement isn’t appropriate for a public high school and wasn’t approved by administrators prior to going up.

“Highly inappropriate, yes, I agree,” said parent Patricia Furrow.

The parent says the ad shouldn’t have been up in the first place.

“It’s not something I’d want my kids as a sponsor for their football and games. They have an ammunition store advertising, targeting the kids. That’s what they’re doing, targeting the kids,” said Furrow.

Ammo Depot said in a press release that its typical customers are families who enjoy shooting sports and, as such, the store “considers it crucial to advertise at wholesome All-American family venues such as football games.”

“They have some personal bias against guns and all that. We don’t even sell firearms,” said Brandon Lungren, Ammo Depot owner.

Ammo Depot said it has donated to Ponderosa’s FFA program, Union Mine High School football and the local Boy Scouts of America.

School officials would not say if they had received complaints from parents, citing a possible pending lawsuit with the ammunition store.

Lungren won’t say how much he paid for the advertising as they’re still trying to work out a deal with the school.