By Tony Lopez

DAVIS (CBS13) – He leaps the curb with the greatest of ease, chases the ball without a care in the world, and gets around as if he owns every step — because he does.

He is “Batman the Superdog” and he has won the title “Happiest Dog in America” by the HUB TV network.

“I think the coolest thing about him is just how happy he is,” says Anjolee, who is taking care of Batman.

He’s happy despite his rough road in life.

“He has no idea that he’s technically handicapped in any way,” she said.

See, Batman was hit by a car and left for dead on the streets of Taiwan.

“He was hit by a car about a year ago and he dragged himself across several lanes of traffic and kind of laid in an alley for a few days,” she said.

Because of his personality, veterinarians were reluctant to put him down, so they sent him to UC Davis, where Anjolee, a second-year veterinarian student, acts as his foster mom.

It was instant love.

“He’s just a happy-go-lucky, fun guy who’s got quite the personality,” she said.

Especially when he puts on his batman cape. He rolls with a swagger that steals the show.

And he has taught his human friends a thing or two.

“Just to never give up and not let anything bring you down, take you down or make you think like you can’t do what you want to do,” she said.

What his foster mom will do with the $2,500 prize money is help turn this little guy into a Batmobile, getting him braces to move even more freely.

But the biggest gift from this exposure would be getting him a permanent home to roam.

“I’m hoping that it’ll just make it more likely that he gets adopted because he really deserves a good home,” she said.

For anyone interested in giving Batman a home, he has his own Facebook page:

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