FOLSOM (CBS13) – A small business is being sued for not complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but the owner is in a wheelchair.

“I’m more perplexed than I am disappointed about it. I cannot believe that the guy is that stupid,” said Dennis Dority, City Slickers owner.

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Like most of the business owners served by these lawsuits, he never saw it coming.

Here’s the new ramp that’s being built, and the owner of city slickers doesn’t have a problem with building it, but what he doesn’t get is why he had to be sued in the first place.

City Slickers is Dority’s livelihood, and now it’s the target of an attorney known for filing ADA compliance suits in the area.

“It’s a scam; the whole thing is a scam,” said Dority.

Dority has always tried to make his place wheelchair friendly. After all, he understands the struggles firsthand, being in a wheelchair himself.

One of the complaints is that the bathroom doorway is six inches too narrow.

Dority says they’re going to install a bathroom that will be ADA compliant, but he’s convinced the lawsuit is all about making a quick buck.

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He says he’s never even seen the attorney stop by.

“The issue here is, why should he get any financial gain and make you guilty of violating someone’s civil rights?” said Dority.

Customers are sipping the suds and drinking in the irony of the lawsuit.

“A handicapped person suing another handicapped person just seems really out there to me,” said one customer.

But Dority is moving forward, rolling with what comes his way, even in the form of a lawsuit.

“My message is, if you get sued by this clown then don’t get an attorney,” said Dority.

Dority and his landlord settled the lawsuit for an undisclosed amount, and have nine more months to get everything up to code.

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CBS13 did reach out to the lawyer, but calls were not returned.