CERES (CBS13) – A ruptured gas line exploded inside a vacant Ceres home that rocked the entire neighborhood. Investigators are now trying to piece together the details.

It was a 5:30 a.m. wake up call that one on Foster Drive was expecting.

“It was like a big explosion,” said Christina Oiler.

Thirteen-year-old Christina says it sounded like a plane crash when the home next door exploded.

“All the windows broke in our house,” said Christina.

Her mom was still asleep.

“The roof tumbled on her head,” said Christina.

The family was frantic to get to safety.

“My sister came into the room and got me and we got all my family out of the house,” she said.

And called 9-1-1.

“We got numerous calls of the explosion and the fire at this house,” said Ceres Fire Battalion Chief Michael Lilley.

Firefighters arrived to see debris everywhere. Drywall, wood and pieces of the roof were ripped off and sitting in the middle of the street.

The explosion leveled the home threatened to start nearby houses on fire.

“The houses on the north and south side were starting to catch fire,” said Lilley.

Firefighters and PG&E crews quickly filled the streets and went to work.

“The house to the north, we have a wall that has been severely structurally compromised that’s going to need extensive repair work before they can get back into the house,” said Lilley.

As for Christina and her family, she says she’s lucky they all made it out safe.

“It’s just like a miracle,” she said.

Amazingly no one was injured in the blast.