By Tony Lopez

Lauren Ruddel is about to do something that could get her in a whole lot of trouble behind the wheel.

Cracking open a beer, texting or talking on her cell phone?

None of the above.

But what Lauren is about to do, according to a new study, can lead to danger up ahead.

That’s right, sing it baby! Or don’t.

The Science Journal “accident analysis and prevention” found that drivers who sing have a slower response time behind the wheel.

Lauren seems to do just fine on our gleeful journey, even inspiring me to join in.

But the study also found that drivers who are going at a high rate of speed while they sing are the most distracted.

It seems they just can’t drive 55 – or even 65 – when they’re rockin’ out.

Bottom line, if you choose to karaoke in the car, it’s OK if you can’t carry a tune. Just keep your eyes wide open as you belt out those lyrics.