Today on the Grant Napear Show, Grant talked a lot about the MLB season as the playoffs draw closer, as well as the opening week of the NFL season. Grant gave his week one NFL picks, and took calls about the best rivalries in sports. Grant interviewed Mike Krukow, Michael Huff, Steve Lyons, Joe Buck and Ice Cube.

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Giants’ broadcaster Mike Krukow joined Grant today to talk about the San Francisco Giants and their upcoming series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mike said that the Giants must be set on winning every game, and Pagan, Scutaro, Belt and Crawford must continue to swing hot bats. He said that the Giants have a more complete lineup now than they ever have, and this is the first series all year where both the Giants and the Dodgers are feeling good about what they bring to the series. Finally, Grant and Mike talked about Tim Lincecum, Brandon McCarthy’s injury, and what the Giants/Dodgers rivalry means to him.

Raiders’ Safety Michael Huff was on with Grant today to talk about the Raiders as they draw closer to their opener on Monday night against the Chargers. Michael discussed the importance of opening the season at home and against division rival, San Diego. He also talked about how the Raiders are moving forward this year with a new coaching staff, and how the new staff has changed things for the team. Lastly he discussed Carson Palmer, the growth of the offense, Sacramento area product Miles Burris, as well as how he thinks his alma mater, the University of Texas, will do on the football field this season.

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Dodgers’ broadcaster Steve Lyons talked to Grant about the Dodgers’ upcoming series against the San Francisco Giants. He talked about how this series is imperative to the Dodgers winning the division, but it isn’t crippling for their playoff chances because they’re in the wild card chase still. Steve also discussed whether he thinks the Dodgers will make the playoffs.

Joe Buck from Fox Sports was on with Grant today to discuss the 49ers and Packers game in Green Bay on Sunday. He talked about how both teams should make the playoffs, and could very easily wind up facing off in the NFC title game. Joe also talked about Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, the 49ers opening the offense, and the versatility of the Packers’ offense.

The President of Raider Nation, Ice Cube, joined Grant today to talk about the Oakland Raiders. Ice Cube talked about his connection to the Raiders, his new Raiders’ anthem “Come and Get It,” as well as what the Raiders mean to him. He discussed his relationship with Al Davis, his favorite old school and current Raiders, and how he feels about his favorite baseball team, the Dodgers as they take on San Francisco. Finally, Ice Cube gave his prediction for the Raiders’ game against San Diego, and gives advice on how to succeed in entertainment.

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