SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Her father knew something was wrong when his daughter missed a wedding Saturday. Sunday her body was discovered in what police are calling a murder-suicide involving a Grant High School football coach.

According to Keith Dobson, her name said it all.

“Luv was a fun-loving child,” he said.

He’s now heartbroken after his daughter Luv Land, 28, was found shot to death inside her Natomas home Sunday morning.

Dobson says his family became worried after not hearing from his daughter for two days. Police would find Luv and her boyfriend, Grant High School assistant football coach Ed Coleman, 36, dead inside their home.

“There was no answer,” he said. “The phone was off. I never could expect anything like this.”

Police now say they believe it was Coleman who opened fire on Luv and then killed himself, something Dobson said he never would have expected.

“I didn’t get that kind of uncomfortableness with him or anything like that,” he said.

Counselors were on hand at Grant High School on Monday for players and staff who worked with Coleman.

Twin Rivers Unified School District issued a statement saying, “Mr. Coleman was known for being a positive influence among the school communities of Rio Linda High School and Grant High School. Our sympathies go out to the family members and others who have been affected by this tragedy.”

Coleman’s own cousin told CBS13 on Monday that he couldn’t believe it.

“He’s not a violent guy,” Kendall Robinson said. “He’s not a guy that’s in the street, he’s not a guy that cheats on his girl. He’s a dedicated man of God.”

It’s a tragedy that has left two families and a school stunned.

“I’m still in disbelief that something like this has happened to our daughter,” Dobson said. “It’s tragic that I have to lose my daughter like this.”


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