DAVIS (CBS13) – Saturday was move-in day on the UC Davis campus. Thousands of students are getting ready for another school year, many of them leaving home for the first time.

It’s a big milestone, leaving home for dorm life, and freshman Cynthia Altazar made sure to pack her precious cargo.

“These are my fishies,” she said. They made it through the two-hour drive.”

The aspiring veterinarian had to make a choice. “I couldn’t bring my dog. so I had to bring my fishies,” she said.

While she brought her fish, her classmates packed everything but the kitchen sink.

“I’ve seen food, clothing, some small appliances, computers,” UC Davis spokeswoman Julia Ann Easley said.

What are they transporting it in? Cardboard boxes, and with 4,800 new students, it adds up fast.

“We have a lot of cardboard boxes obviously,” freshman Erica Stevens said. “It’s nice they’re making an effort to make us recycle.”

The university was recently named as a top school for environmental efforts, and it lived up to the title this weekend. The school’s groundbreaking environmental efforts recently got noticed by Sierra Magazine, which ranked UC Davis as its number one cool school.

Dozens of volunteers were out early collecting, collapsing and recycling all cardboard and Styrofoam.

“I think foam especially is really important to recycle because it finds it ways to our oceans and animals ingest it and things like that,” Stevens said.

Organizers estimate as much as three large busloads of recycled materials filled by the end of move-in weekend, tipping the scales at more than 10,000 pounds.

So while students are doing their part to help the environment, all that’s left is the anticipation of what’s to come.

Classes start next week.


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