Don begins the day with a recap of last Friday, in which a salesman at the station, who is responsible for selling ads on the show, told Little Joe he doesn’t even listen to the show. Don talks about the post-show meeting with the salesman, Little Joe, and G.M. Steve. He then introduces his new contest for Raider tickets: What’s the worst thing a coworker has ever done to you? The guys then talk about Felix Bumgartner, the Austrian skydiver who broke the worlds record for highest jump, and reached speeds of over 830 mph.

After hearing that Danny DeVito was “preying on young actresses,” and hearing a few clips from Felix Bumgartner, we get a visit from comedienne Chelsea Handler. Chelsea tells us about the new set that her show “Chelsea Lately” just moved into, the books she’s written, and what she and Jennifer Aniston like to do when they hang out. After Chelsea, we hear Snoop Dogg’s new rap for Hot Pockets, and Rob Zombie going off on Marilyn Manson during a show over the weekend.

Our good buddy Dennis Hof then stops by to talk about his birthday weekend, the new bunny at his ranch, meeting loyal listener Derek, and hanging out with Ron Jeremy. Don then reads a list of the top 20 things women worry about when aging, and BiPolar Mary calls in to discuss the list with the guys. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: Felix Bumgartner’s world record skydive, Rob Zombie’s beef with Marilyn Manson, the “Million Muppet March” demonstration, and the world’s most expensive cocktail. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!