Today on the Grant Napear Show, the focus was mostly on week 6 in the NFL. While Grant gave his thoughts on the losses by both the 49ers and the Raiders, he also took calls on Colin Kaepernick’s playing time, Alex Smith and the struggling Dallas Cowboys. Grant interviewed Troy Aikman and Dennis Allen.

Troy Aikman from Fox Sports was on with Grant today to discuss the week 6 in the NFL. Troy and Grant discussed the New York Giants’ dominating win over the 49ers, and how the Giants controlled the game so well. He also talked about two quarterback systems, Colin Kaepernick and why the 49ers can’t come from behind to win games.

Oakland Raiders’ Head Coach Dennis Allen joined Grant today to discuss his team’s week 6 loss in Atlanta. Coach Allen talked about how penalties and turnovers lead to Oakland’s demise despite a very good effort. He also discussed the final minutes of the game and what the Raiders could’ve done better to win in the final minutes of the game, as well as what goes into Michael Huff’s transition from Safety to Cornerback. Finally, Coach Allen went over what the Raiders need to improve on going into next week.