DAVIS (CBS13) – A hero dog who lost her snout saving two young girls in the Philippines will have to wait a few months before veterinarians at UC Davis can repair her face after they discovered she has some other serious health problems.

The dog, named Kabang, arrived at UC Davis last week to get medical treatment for injuries she suffered when she leapt in the path of a motorcycle that was heading into the path of two young girls in the Philippines back in December.

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A preliminary exam showed Kabang in good health, but a more thorough exam showed some serious health problems.

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Tests show that Kabang has a heartworm infection and a tumor that will now have to be treated before surgery. Kabang’s doctors say she’ll be treated with chemotherapy and other drugs. They say they are “cautiously optimistic” about her treatment

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They will wait three to six months before focusing on her face. Her doctors had originally anticipated that Kabang would need at least two surgeries to her face. The first likely would focus on dental work. The second would attempt to close the gaping wound on the dog’s face, protecting her from infection and improving her quality of life, the school said.