By Kurtis Ming

An Auburn couple bought a new mattress and when it was delivered, the truck driver took out their phone and power lines.

When they couldn’t get the company to pay for their repairs, it was time to Call Kurtis.

It sounds like a basic problem and this retired couple says Sleep Number promised to pay them repeatedly. So why didn’t they get their money?

“It’s been processed, it’s been approved, it should’ve gone out,” said Sheila Jones, Auburn resident.

Sheila and Dick Jones say Sleep Number has given them the same story for three months, promising to pay for $690.03 in damage caused, when its delivery truck driver knocked down their phone and power lines.

“When the truck came down the driveway, it bent this pipe, it just bent it,” Sheila showed us.

Without power or phone service for 3 to 4 days, Sheila was concerned for Dick’s safety, when she had to leave home.

“My husband’s hard of hearing and he has a special phone that allows him to hear,” said Sheila.

They paid an electrician and roofer to fix the damage and sent copies of the bills and photos to Sleep Number’s corporate office in Minneapolis, in June.

“The check is always in the mail and it’s not there,” said Sheila.

“They out to be ashamed of themselves for dragging it out as long as they did,” said Eric Ratinoff, Consumer Attorney, KCR Legal.

Ratinoff says there’s no doubt Sleep Number should pay for the damages and if companies aren’t fulfilling their promise?

“The cheapest way to deal with it, for them to know she’s serious is to file a claim in small claims court and serve them with that,” said Ratinoff.

We contacted Sleep Number. They didn’t tell us why Sheila didn’t get paid, but in an email, they tell us:

“… we sincerely apologize to Sheila Jones that we did not meet this expectation.”

— David Hakensen, Sleep Number Spokesperson

A couple of days after our call, Sheila and Dick got their check.

“The customer service of yesteryear is no longer. We shouldn’t have to go to this length to get something resolved,” said Sheila.

While Sleep Number didn’t have an explanation of why Sheila didn’t get paid, they tell us they’ll use this experience to better train their employees so it doesn’t happen again.

Sleep Number Statement

At Sleep Number, our focus is on delivering an unparalleled sleep experience for our customer. So, we sincerely apologize to Sheila Jones that we did not meet this expectation. We’ll use this interaction to review and improve our processes to help ensure others do not have a similar experience.

— David Hakensen
Sleep Number Spokesperson


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