By Tony Lopez

El Dorado (CBS13) – The cheerleader is a boy; and at this high school, they’re cheering for him.

The fans are cheering for a sophomore boy who flipped his way into their hearts.

The hits are hard on the football field. The marching band’s sounds are smooth, and the chill in the air awakens the spirit of Friday night football.

Among the faces in the crowd are a proud mom and dad, watching their son give his all on every play.

Their son isn’t wearing a helmet or pads; instead he’s flipping the page on a new era at Union Mine High School.

Say hello to Adam “The Acrobat,” the first male cheerleader to stand and deliver in these parts.

The road to newfound friendship was hardly smooth. Not everyone cheered Adam’s passion to perform.

“We went through some obscene phone calls, hang ups, and stereotypes that goes along with what he does,” mother Angie Osborn said.

However, harassment has now turned to hugs and kisses for the sophomore. He may not be playing football, but he did score himself a girl.

He is one heck of a role model, a young man who didn’t let others detour his desire. Now that’s something to cheer about.

Adam is hoping to get a college scholarship for his cheerleading talents.


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