By Steve Large

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) – A new firefighter, and dad, certainly won’t forget his first shift on the job after he helped deliver a healthy baby girl at a Fairfield home.

At Fire Station 40, the fire engine is out of the garage and the bun is out of the oven. It’s all thanks to a firefighter’s first day on the job.

It was just like Fairfield firefighter Anthony Bellamy had studied in class, and he carried out in textbook form.

“Got everything set up and it happened,” said Bellamy.

It happened alright; Bellamy delivered a baby on his first day on the job.

He helped deliver 7-pound Samaiya, who is resting after her emergency entrance.

“That’s one thing I didn’t ask her, is ‘why we were there?’ But you never know what goes on in the middle of the night,” said Bellamy.

The labor snuck up on mom so fast that there was only time to call 911. Bellamy arrived just 10 minutes before the birth.

“It’s just the luck of the draw, it could be our next call, you never know,” said Bellamy.

It was the call of a lifetime, the call to bring a new life safely into the world.

“Once I saw it was time to deliver the baby. I finally had her crying, looking good, looking healthy, it was a good experience,” said Bellamy.

Baby, mom, dad and the other three kids in that family had a crazy morning, but they’re resting comfortably now.


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