ROCKLIN (CBS13) – An 83-year-old man was allegedly the victim of a beating by a man 50 years younger than him in what Rocklin police are calling a road rage rampage.

Police said the incident started around 10 a.m. Saturday when the suspect, identified as 33-year-old Zubin Bogdanoff, didn’t like the way the elderly man was driving. Bogdanoff allegedly followed the man a half mile to his home and confronted him in his garage.

Several neighbors were witness to the violent incident.

“This guy was kicking an 80-year-old man in his own garage,” said a neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous.

When police responded to the victim’s home on the 6000 block of Bridal Veil Drive, they discovered the man suffering significant injuries.

“I heard he was pounding his head into the garage floor, pretty brutal,” said another neighbor.

Another neighbor said he saw the suspect kicking the victim’s head on the ground, causing him to try and intervene. That’s when the suspect turned and attacked him, too. He asked to remain anonymous over concern of his own safety.

“He drug him out of the car and he had one hand on top of the car, one hand on top of his cabinet and he was literally stomping his head. I could tell it was gonna do no good to plant my feet and go at it with him because he had that look in his eyes. You can just tell when somebody is over the edge,” he said. “He was over the edge, this shouldn’t have happened. No 80-year-old deserves that. Nobody deserves that.”

According to witnesses, Bogdanoff fled the scene in his vehicle and attempted to run over other neighbors.

“He was a big guy, he was a giant, and an 80-year-old frail man and he beat him literally half to death,” said one of the neighbors. “People said there was blood all over the place. He was bleeding from his head and broke his arm.”

Bogdanoff was quickly apprehended after a brief search of the area. He was booked into Placer County Jail on charges of assault, burglary, battery, and felony abuse of an elder..

The elderly victim was taken to a nearby hospital and reported to be in stable condition.

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