By Kurtis Ming

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — What good is a washer that doesn’t wash clothes?

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Not much, Rose Mary Forehand told CBS13, even on the lighter loads.

Dry streaks across her clothes are now a regular occurance, she said, but Sears won’t fix or replace it under the $250 Sears Master Protection Agreement she bought. Seven technicians and more than a dozen hours on hold didn’t help, she said.

It was time to Call Kurtis.

Forehand opened her washer and began loading in a bed sheet and a tablecloth to conduct a test.

Her energy efficient Sears Kenmore washer (model no. 11028002010) isn’t adequately washing her clothes.

After a 47-minute cycle, for a load that takes up less than half the washer, the tablecloth and sheet aren’t even wet.

“This is dry,” said Forehand, laying out the sheet to show the dry streaks to CBS13’s camera. “All of this is dry.”

“You know the clothes aren’t getting clean when they come out with these huge dry streaks on them,” she said.

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She bought the warranty with the washer in May 2011, and has complained since August 2011.

Sears’ protection agreement says, however, it’s up to them whether to replace your machine or not.

Forehand even said some of the seven repairmen who visited to inspect the problem over 14 months admitted there was a problem, and suggested running even the smallest loads on the “Bulky” setting as a solution.

Sears insisted nothing was wrong with her machine.

“I was crying,” she said of the frustration. “I was so frustrated.”

Consumer attorney Stuart Talley thinks Sears owes her a washer that does what it’s supposed to do, he said.

“I’m not an expert in washing clothes, but my understanding of the way it works is they have to get wet,” he said, laughing. “If Sears is not agreeing to either fix her machine or give her a new one, she has a great case,” he said.

Once we got involved, Sears still insisted, “There is no technical problem with the machine,” but agreed to refund her for the washer and the master protection agreement – a refund of more than $750.

Forehand said the ordeal cost Sears a customer. She’ll buy a new washer somewhere else.

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“No one should have to go through this,” she said. “[It’s] just not right.”