By Ron Jones

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Just one week after the election, gun sales are skyrocketing. Many of those buyers are concerned President Barack Obama has their Second Amendment rights in the cross hairs.

“Business has been really good,” said Josh Deaser.

The owner of Just Guns in Sacramento says since the election, business is booming.

“With Obama being re-elected, people fear, now, that he can actually come in and do things,” said Deaser.

Gun owners are making a run because some believe the president will be targeting American’s right to bear arms. Those fears extend beyond the presidency.

“Also in California, having a supermajority, that really panics a lot of people as well,” said Deaser.

California pro-gun advocates site Senate Bill 249, which would have prohibited the possession of assault rifles. However, the bill died earlier this year after tremendous opposition from the firearms industry, and Republicans.

“The more they talk about banning things and getting rid of things, or limiting things, the more people want to buy,” said Deaser.

However, some believe this run on guns is just a marketing tool to sell more of them.

“Obama doesn’t really have a gun policy,” gun owner Don Walker said. “So there’s really no issue. It’s just the gun industry going, ‘we can make more money,’ I think.”

There’s a lot of money to be made, but some owners say it could be short lived if certain lawmakers have their way.

“For six months sales, might be great, but what’s going to happen in six years and next year,” said Deaser.

The Department of Justice predicts Californians will buy more than 725,000 guns this year, compared to five years ago when it was just half that amount.