FRENCH CAMP (CBS13) – Some sex offenders are back on the streets, sometimes in a matter of hours because of the justice system’s revolving door.

When CBS13 found these sex offenders, we wanted to know why they violated their parole, not just once but several times. Needless to say, they weren’t very happy to see our cameras.

“You got that (expletive) on?” said Steven Raya.

Sex offender Raya wasn’t interested in talking.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, he’s violated his parole four times in the last year, including failing to report and using drugs.

“You better get out of my face,” said Raya.

We then tracked down Anthony Cummings. He wouldn’t come out, but did talk briefly through his window.

He violated his parole eight times since March for failing to report, and taking dirty drug tests.

“That happens a lot; that happens to a lot of people,” said Cummings.

Since prison reform, sex offenders who violate the terms of their parole in San Joaquin County end up being housed in county jail. However, in most cases, it’s for a few days at most.

The sheriff’s department says they have to house the most serious criminals. Parole supervisor Susan Kane has worked with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 30 years to protect the public, a mission she now calls impossible.

“I’m hoping to God it’s not my kid that gets assaulted, is what I’m thinking,” said Kane. “We are not doing what we should be doing, or could be doing, to protect children, or to protect women, or to protect potential victims.”

She says the sex offenders know there are no consequences, making mothers we spoke to very nervous.

“‘Oh we played the system,’ that’s what they are really saying. ‘We played the system. I got out, haha. I’m going to do it again.’” said Niakeyla Jackson.

Since Kane spoke to CBS13, she says she’s received calls from other parole agents happy that she spoke out about the problems. They say changes need to be made to protect the public.


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