By Frank Luna

The quarterback controversy in San Francisco is officially over. Forget the intentional grounding penalty that gave the Rams their first points, or the ill-advised pitch over Ted Ginn’s head, resulting in the Rams only touchdown.

Let’s ignore Kaepernick’s failure to stay in bounds on the final Niner possession, giving the Rams a chance to mount their own game tieing drive.  

This kid from Turlock can play. His strong arm stretches the field and his legs  keep opposing defenses honest. Even more, Kaepernick plays with a calm and confidence that could lead his team to a championship this year.

Alex Smith should be forever appreciated for his controlled and managed contribution to the Forty-niners current success, but remember, Kaepernick is Harbaugh’s pick, and the window for chasing a championship opens and closes quickly in today’s NFL.

San Francisco already has a championship caliber defense and a solid running game, but they are near the bottom as a passing team, and make no mistake, this is a passing league.

Smith can manage the Niners into the playoffs, but it’s Kaepernick who can lead them to the promise land. 

With Smith, Harbaugh knows what he gets, and last year his team surprised everyone. NFL defenses are better prepared for the Niner’s offense and I suspect that Kaepernick will add an air of unpredictability teams will have to prepare for.

There’s a reason Harbaugh is the reigning coach of the year. He’s had a plan with Smith and Kaepernick and we’re seeing it unfold before our eyes.

Kaepernick played a solid game Sunday, and Harbaugh took responsibility for calling that ill-advised pitch-option on their own 10 yard line with victory in hand.

A game and a season can turn that quickly in the NFL, and the Forty-niners seem to want more than just managing to get into the playoffs. Besides, Colin Kaepernick, Super Bowl MVP, has a nice ring to it.



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