By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A blind Oak Park man thanked police Thursday for a small act of service that left a big impression with him.

He and his retired service dog were split up in last week’s storm, and police came to help.

Ving is Brad Alford’s seeing eye dog. He is 10 years old, and has a little limp that ended up leading to him getting stranded in the cold.

“It was pretty nasty that day,” recalls Alford.

For nearly a decade, the guide dog has helped Alford see.

Alford is blind, and Ving has been his constant companion as his service dog.

“He’s just my best buddy. We go to games, we go to the Giants games together,” he said.

However, arthritis has now forced Ving to retire.

Last week, the two became briefly separated in the storm. Ving had gone to the backyard, where the fence had been broken. Alford was worried his dog was gone.

“He means everything to me,” said Alford.

He called 911, and an officer came by to find Ving. He was shivering and stranded. Ving wasn’t gone, but he couldn’t get up.

His old hips had given out. Now after a lifetime of helping his owner, Alford wants to thank the police for helping Ving.

“Usually you don’t even send police officers on calls like that. Hey if you have a problem with your dog, call animal control,” Alford said he’s been told.

A blind man and his guide dog have been reunited, and are relieved.

“I wanted to just say thanks,” said Alford.

Ving is safe and warm now, back to enjoying his golden years.

The officer who came to help Alford and Ving and lifted the 100-pound dog to safety didn’t want to go on camera, but said she was happy she could help.


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