SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A string of violent robberies have occurred recently in midtown Sacramento with many of the victims unsuspecting women and couples. Some of the victims were beaten, threatened and robbed at gunpoint.

CBS13 spoke to one of the victims with a strong warning for others.

Police say more than half a dozen people have had a gun pulled on them and robbed in just the past couple of weeks. Two of the victims, a couple, were forced to the ground at gunpoint while a man took off with their wallet, purse and keys.

“Any time an innocent, unarmed person has a gun put in their face, I would imagine terror is probably a good description of it,” said Dave Jenest, a midtown resident.

Police say they’re stepping up patrols in midtown after a spike in violent robberies in the area in the last two weeks.

9-1-1 Call: One had a dark hooded sweatshirt and he was the one armed with a gun.

Police tell CBS13 they’re not sure how many robbers they’re dealing with or if the robbers are working together. But police know the thieves are all carrying out crimes the same way and going after the same items.

“[The] guy rode up on a bike said ‘hey where you going? I said ‘I’m going home.’ I started to walk away from him and he clocked me in the head, took my wallet, took my keys, and came back this morning and took the car,” said Rob Sperling, a victim.

Still bruised from the attack, Sperling thinks the same thief came back to his home with his keys and drove off with his car. His surveillance cameras caught it all on tape.

“After the car got stolen, we decided that we should probably get the house re-keyed too. He’s got keys to everything,” said Sperling.

Sperling admits he knew about the escalating crime in his neighborhood, but never thought it would happen to him.

“I’ve been warning neighbors, letting people know and then I’m a victim of it,” said Sperling.

Now hw wants to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“If you’re out late at night, be careful,” said Sperling.

Police say they questioned someone who may be involved in some of the robberies.

The investigation is ongoing.


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