The morning starts with Don taking callers to join “Drew’s Crew” out at the Kings game tomorrow, and he decides he’ll give the tickets to the oldest person that calls up the show. The guys also get into a discussion about the picture Noodles tweeted of him and his girlfriend at last night’s Kings game, and it gets the guys talking about transgenders. Don then tells us about the “Where’s Nick Toma?” Facebook page, and how Good Day’s Ken Rudolph jumped in a conversation on the page, telling people to give it a rest. We then get another visit from actor/comedian Billy Gardell. Billy, who is performing at Cache Creek tomorrow night, and who’s new Showtime special “Road Dogs” premiere’s tonight at 10, talks with Doni and the guys about the Steelers, RG3, the new episodes of “Mike and Molly,” and gives us his playoff predictions.

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We also hear that the Social Security Center in Baltimore has reprimanded an employee for farting at work, and Don calls up Dennis Murphy, who works at the building, to make sure it wasn’t him. Don also decides that it would be a great idea to send Dennis to the Bunny Ranch in February, just like he did last year. Dennis, who hasn’t been laid since that last time, is excited to come back out here!

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The guys then play a game called “Who Is Better Than Asia?” (the band, not the continent) and Drew reads off a list of 80’s bands, and the guys argue over which bands are better than Asia. We then get another in studio visit from comedian Aries Spears. Aries, who’s performing at the Punchline tonight and Saturday, talks about Charles Barkley on TNT last night, the Sacramento Kings, who are the scariest black men in his opinion, and smoking weed!

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After the guys pick the NFL games, it’s time for “Phantom News.” Today, weekend TV reminders, movies this weekend,and rock n roll stars under 5’8″. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!