By Maria Medina

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – A self-proclaimed pastor is still in jail for allegedly stabbing his roommate with a sword, but soon may return to the pulpit after the district attorney dropped the charges.

David Mock says his scars and injuries are all the proof you need to believe his story.

“The sword went all the way through,” said Mock of one of his injuries.

He may never fully recover after his former roommate David Goudie viciously attacked him with a four-foot sword.

“It went through the finger,” said Mock.

Now, the man he says is responsible for his pain and suffering is getting away with a crime.

“Emotionally distraught,” Mock said of how he felt about the situation.

After listening to his testimony during a recent court hearing, the district attorney decided there was not enough evidence to charge Goudie, so they were dropped.

“The sword went through my hand and through my groin — through my privates,” Mock told CBS13 in December, when the alleged attack occurred.

Prosecutors say they had credibility issues with Mock’s story of self-defense.

“It was his word against my word,” he said.

Mock says Goudie is a religious man, and the brains behind Power Christianity, an online ministry. However, right before the attack, Goudie snapped after a 24-hour booze binge.

“Shortly after moving in, I realized it was much more of a radical Christianity,” Mock previously told CBS13.

Now the man, who describes himself as a soldier of the Lord, seems to be getting his prayers answered.

But for Mock, justice isn’t being served.

While Goudie is set to be released as a free man Friday, Mock says he’ll be living with his injuries for the rest of his life. He’s expected to have at least one more surgery.