DAVIS (CBS13) – An arrest has been made in connection with a small explosion at a UC Davis campus apartment complex.

A junior researcher is being charged in the case after the chemical scare forced residents out of the apartment complex on Russell Park early Thursday morning.

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Three days after an explosion at the Russell Park Apartments complex in Davis, campus police arrested 32-year-old David Snyder.

Snyder is a temporary junior researcher at the campus chemistry lab. Police say they found guns, live explosives and materials that can be used in making bombs inside his apartment.

“There is currently no information to suggest that Mr. Snyder was planning, or plotting, any type of event here on campus, or in the community related to his arrest,” said UC Davis Police Chief Matt Carmichael.

“A lot of these items can be obtained over the counter, and by themselves may not constitute a violation of a crime; but the mere fact that they are put together, it creates an actual explosive.”

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Seventy-four people that live in the complex had to be evacuated while crews removed dangerous chemicals Thursday morning. They were deemed so unsafe that they had to be detonated in a field by bomb squads.

Investigators say they found a stash after Snyder went to a local hospital with an injury he said happened after an explosion in his apartment.

“This was a dangerous event and we were fortunate,” said Carmichael.

Meanwhile, police will not say how much was found in the apartment. They also wouldn’t comment on whether or not Snyder is being cooperative with police. However, they say as the investigation continues, he could face even more charges.

Snyder booked into Yolo County Jail Sunday afternoon. He’s also been placed on investigatory leave from his job.

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His bail has been set at $2 million.